How Vocational Training Can Help Your Adult Child Reclaim Their Life After A Head Injury

If your adult child has suffered from a severe head injury, you’re now faced with a new set of challenges to help them get through life. If the head injury has left them with memory or developmental issues, there is still hope to regain some of these things. There are some opportunities at vocational schools that may be able to help them learn a new set of daily living skills. Here are just a few types of training opportunities and how it can benefit your child.

Retail And Hospitality

Vocational schooling, or vo-tech, includes a lot of hands-on training. This allows students to jump right into the skills needed to provide a service or sell a product. Someone with a developmental disability may learn more easily by doing a task rather than reading about it in a book or listening to a teacher. At vo-tech, students may learn the following:

  • Interpersonal skills to get along with other co-workers and the public
  • Organizational skills needed to stick to the task at hand
  • Punctuality, including how to finish work on time and arrive promptly the next day
  • Productivity pointers in order to work accurately by setting priorities

In addition, students may learn certain skills such as using computers and phones and filling out various types of paperwork. This will prepare them for a new job at a retail establishment or working in a restaurant or hotel.

Building Trades

A closed head injury may mean your child has to take certain precautions when it comes to physical activity. Most vocational schools that work with developmentally disabled adults are aware of this. That doesn’t mean your child still can’t pursue his dream of building and working on construction projects. Learning how to operate tools safely and with assistance can help take them to the next level of finding a job in building trades that suits their skill set.

Shipping And Manufacturing

Many businesses look for people with disabilities to help assist them with special projects in their shops and manufacturing companies. Some examples include:

  • Matching parts and looking for defected pieces
  • Sorting and matching items
  • Packaging and shipping
  • Counting and stacking items or boxes

A vocational school will also help students with building their resume and learning how to fill out job applications.

Culinary Arts

Some schools offer culinary arts programs that teach the fundamentals of food types, preparing and cooking food. This can prepare a student for a job in a restaurant kitchen or as a fast food worker, preparing food and interacting with customers. Many vocational schools also offer job placement assistance. They will actually help your child build a resume and set up interviews.

Author: Alisa Henderson

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