3 Ways Summer Camp Can Improve Your Child’s School Performance

If your child is struggling in school, your first reaction might be to consider sending them to summer school for extra assistance or to hire a tutor to keep them studying throughout the summer. However, there are several reasons why you should consider sending your child to summer camp as opposed to increasing their academic studies over the summer. Summer camp has many benefits for children, and your child may learn some important skills at camp that can help them succeed in school. Here are just three ways that summer camp can improve your child’s school performance. 

Give Your Child Real World Experience

According to a popular theory of learning, the learning cycle includes experimentation and concrete experiences as well as observation and reflection. However, most modern schools rely heavily on observation and reflection without giving children time and space to have their own experiences. Summer camp gives your child an opportunity to interact with their environment more thoroughly than they do at school. For instance, instead of learning about astronomy, they may watch the stars at night. Instead of reading a book about biology, they may find animal tracks and interact with farm animals. 

These experiences will give your child contextual clues that will allow them to understand the abstract concepts they are learning in school. 

Increase Your Child’s Confidence 

Camp tends to be an informal learning environment. Campers are encouraged to express themselves and ask questions. If your child has a difficult time asking questions in class, a summer at camp might give them the confidence they need to participate more thoroughly in class. Additionally, working as a team with other children and solving problems on their own can help your child realize that they have the intelligence and skills necessary to thrive in school, which can help motivate them when the school year starts again. 

​Spark Your Child’s Curiosity 

Because your child will likely have new experiences at camp, they may want to learn more about them. For example, your child might learn that they have an interest in geology when they go rock climbing at camp. Or perhaps they have an interest in writing after they compose a play that goes over well at the talent show. These activities can make your child appreciate their education and want to learn more. 

If you are concerned about your child’s academic progress, you might select an educational summer camp for kids to send them to. However, you should not withdraw them from the camp experience altogether because they are struggling in school. 

Author: Alisa Henderson

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