The College Hunt For Procrastinators

Experts recommend that you begin thinking about colleges while attending middle school. If you were more interested in video games than higher education at age eleven, do not despair. You can still get into a college you want by beginning the process when you are well into high school.


If you have not been an ideal student in your first few years at high school, you can still get into a good college. First, consult with your counselor about switching to a more demanding course load. Then, dedicate yourself to raising your grade point average. Even if you are a senior, you can impress a college by showing marked improvement in your grades the first semester. Proving you have acquired focus and dedication can convince an admissions department to give you a chance.


Many colleges still assign great weight to standardized test grades. You may want to take both the ACT and the SAT several times if necessary to raise your scores. Schools with regular admissions deadlines will accept scores from tests taken in December, so you have time to complete this step, even if you wait until your final year to begin the college process. All students, and not just the procrastinators, should take advantage of test prep services for these college entrance exams. You can sign up to take a preparation class taught in person by an expert instructor, or you can avail yourself of numerous online courses, some of which are free.

Educational Consultant

Consider hiring an independent admissions consultant. You can find reputable consultants through the Independent Educational Consultants Association, the Higher Education Consultants Association, and the National Association for College Admissions Counseling. If you are starting late, having professional help in navigating the admissions process can be invaluable. Educational consultants have intimate knowledge of individual school’s preferences, and they can help you build your portfolio accordingly. They can even help shape your admissions essay, although the true professionals will not write anything for you. Educational consultants like Bonita Blazer, PhD exist to help you present your best self to the colleges you wish to attend.

Though some recommend that you get a head start on your college search, with some early bird students beginning this process before they leave junior high, it truly is never too late to begin the admissions process. So procrastinating high school seniors, take heart. You may well be a freshman college student in the fall.

Author: Alisa Henderson

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