3 Reasons Why Your Teen Should Take A Defensive Driving Class

If your teen has recently gotten his or her driver’s license, or if this is an upcoming event in your family, then you are probably feeling both excited and nervous about this big change. Although your teen might be ready to hit the road as soon as possible, there is one step that you should encourage — taking a defensive driving class. Even if your teen has already taken and passed all of the state-required driving classes and tests, defensive driving can still be a good option. These are a few reasons why.

1. Teach Your Teen How to Handle Emergency Situations

Although driver’s education teachers often strive to teach their students how to handle dangerous situations, most of these classes are short on time. A defensive driving class can give your teen additional insight on how to handle certain driving situations, such as how to avoid getting in an accident with another driver and how to handle driving in the snow, ice, rain and other bad weather conditions. This can help make your teen a more confident driver — especially since he or she will have more experience than many peers — and can help keep your son or daughter safe while on the road.

2. Ensure That Your Teen Understands the Dangers of Driving

As you already know, driving is a big responsibility that can be very dangerous. While your teen is chatting with his or her friends about driving to sporting events and to the mall, however, it can be easy for this understanding to go out the window. Defensive driving classes often share statistics about various types of crashes and incidents, which can help raise awareness and show your teen the importance of the responsibility that he or she is taking on.

3. Score a Discount on Car Insurance

Car insurance isn’t cheap, and it can be particularly expensive when you have a teen driver on your policy. If you are looking for a way to reduce your rates, consider having your teen take one of these classes. Many insurers offer a discount for drivers who have taken additional driver training classes, which can help you save quite a bit of money each year.

As you can see, taking a defensive driving class can be a smart option for any teen driver. These are just a few of the multiple reasons why one of these classes can be so beneficial. Contact a driving school for more information on one of these programs.

Author: Alisa Henderson

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