Learning To Fly: Common Questions And Answers

Learning to fly can be both a personally and professionally rewarding goal to achieve. However, flying a plane is far more complicated than driving an automobile, and as a result, individuals are required to attend special training courses before they are officially licensed. Yet, it should come as no surprise that many people have never seriously considered attending these courses before, and if this is something that you think you may want to pursue, there are likely a couple of questions you have before enrolling in a training course. 

Can Anyone Get A License To Fly An Airplane?

A common misconception is that anyone is allowed to enroll in these training courses and obtain a license to operate a plane. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and there is an important qualification that individuals must meet before they can start this process. Government regulations mandate a person to meet minimum health requirements. 

As a result of this requirement, you will have to undergo a physical before you are allowed to enroll in the training program. Generally, individuals that do not have any severe cardiovascular or mental conditions that would interfere with operating the plane will pass this physical and be allowed to continue the process. 

What Is The Training Process For New Pilots Like?

Once you have been cleared to enroll in the program, you will likely start with classroom based instructions that will provide you with a theoretical understanding of the mechanics of light. After these courses, you will likely proceed to a simulator stage where an instructor will help you become familiar with the controls of a plane in a safe and controlled setting. Lastly, you will progress to live flight with an instructor.

Generally, this training process can take anywhere from a couple of months or more than a year, and it largely depends on the dedication of the student and the frequency with which they attend courses. At the end of the formal training process, you will be given the official licensing exam for your pilot’s license, and as long as you pass, you will be able to legally operate an airplane at most public airports. 

Obtaining your pilot’s license may be a lifelong dream for you, but you may not know what to expect from the training process. However, understanding that you will need to pass a physical and how the training information is presented will help you better understand this process, and this will make it easier for you to get the most from this training. Talk to people like Parkland College for more information.

Author: Alisa Henderson

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