4 Tips To Help You Find An Affordable Preschool

Preschools are programs that are designed to introduce young children to a variety of different subjects and activities. These programs, mostly cater to children that are not old enough to start a traditional school program yet. Through preschool programs, children are able to get an introduction into interacting with other kids their age. While all of the new skills and exposure are ideal for your child’s development, preschool is not always affordable for many families. Luckily, there are a few tips you can use to find affordable preschools.

Apply For Scholarships

Preschool programs tend to provide scholarships for students and their families. The scholarships that are awarded to children in preschool are not merit-based and instead depend heavily on income. These scholarships are typically awarded in two forms:

  • Fully-funded scholarships- cover the entire cost of the preschool program.
  • Partially-funded scholarships- do not cover the entire cost of the program and families are required to pay the remaining balance.

Scholarships are typically given out on a first-come, first serve basis, therefore, it is always recommended to apply as early as possible.

Apply To Subsidized Preschool Programs

Subsidies are a way in which governments try to help you offset the cost of preschool programs. Subsidized preschool programs are set up by the state government and cater to helping lower-income families. There are a number of subsidized programs in place that cater to helping children from all backgrounds including:

  • Children with learning disabilities
  • Children with a severe handicap
  • Children who do not speak English

Subsidized preschool programs are commonly held at your local recreation centers and other community facilities, however, they still manage to provide children with quality education and activities at an affordable cost.

Choose A Cooperative Preschool

A cooperative preschool is significantly more affordable than a typical preschool because parents are more involved. A co-op involves parents participating in activities along with the children. These programs are challenging for many parents because of the time commitment that is often required. Essentially, you will be running the preschool along with a number of other parents. Even though a co-op requires a certain level of commitment, if you have the extra time, a co-op preschool can be extremely rewarding.

Preschool is an important stage in a child’s life as they begin to interact with children their age and explore new activities. Therefore, it is important to find a good preschool that is also affordable. Keep these ideas in mind as you start contacting local preschool programs, like Foundations Child Development Center Inc.

Author: Alisa Henderson

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