Substantial Tips For Learning How To Speak English Fluently

There are a lot of things that you can do in order learn how to speak English fluently. With some dedication, focus and consistency, you will be able to speak the language like a native. If you are new to the United States, or want to improve your opportunities, learning English will help you socially, in addition to opening up job opportunities for you. With the ability to express yourself in a new language, you also open up opportunities for travel all over the world. With 335 million speakers worldwide, English is the third most spoken language on the planet. For some tips on learning the language, read on. 

#1: Do As Much Reading And Listening As Possible

As an adult, you have some advantages that children do not when it comes to learning a new language. Since you already know how to read, you can accelerate your learning by carrying it out across different mediums. By seeing the words on the page and then hearing them out loud, your vocabulary will reach new levels and you will have less trouble distinguishing new words in the language. 

As a hint, read books in English, while also having access to a version in your native language. This way, you can read it seamlessly, without having to run to the dictionary every couple of words. To reinforce the learning, listen to an audio version of the book, to make sure that the pronunciation is understood. 

English is more difficult to learn than some other languages because of:

  • Many exceptions to rules
  • Difficult to learn word and letter orders
  • A lot of words that are pronounced differently than spelled

Reading and listening will help you get a feel for the language, despite these potential setbacks. 

#2: Collect Movies And Television Shows To Watch In English

A lot of people who come to the United States actually learn English by watching television. Hollywood is a big industry in the country, so you will have no shortage of great shows to tune in to. If there are some popular network shows that aired in your previous country, make sure you tune into them in English as well, so you have an idea of what is going on. 

#3: Use A Flash Card App

Many people have trouble learning a new language because they don’t feel like they have enough time. You will always have time if you install apps that help with the learning. There are flashcard apps that are sophisticated enough to track your progress and learning, so that you can review them at the needed pace. You can sync these apps between your various devices, so that you are always putting the time and work in. 

Consider these tips today, so that you can become fluent in English sooner. They can be used in addition to tutors or formal lessons. 

Author: Alisa Henderson

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